Need a sporting lure?


Our extensive network of contacts means we can also offer access to some of the country's leading sportsmen and women, many of whom are also keen outdoor enthusiasts. So whether it's for advertising campaigns, product endorsement, PR or speaking engagements, we can arrange for you
to have a real crowd puller working with
your brand.


Contact us for details.

Welcome to Wildfin Creative, we are a new creative and marketing agency set up to meet the needs of brands specialising in the outdoor leisure markets. From fishing tackle to footwear,
binoculars to bird feed, we make your products look great and
more importantly make sure your potential buyers get to see them and think so too.


We hope your business is already benefiting from powerful creative input,
but if not, why not? If your current creative agency doesn’t know a popper from a pop-up, a moderator from a michigan or a dry bag from a day sack, then now is the time to get in contact!




Wildfin can help because we are the agency that speaks your language and shares your passions. In fact we are mad about the outdoor markets and
we want to share our knowledge and expertise. More importantly you won't have to spend your valuable time explaining your market to us.


The Wildfin team has fished, shot, trekked and enjoyed the odd drink around the world... our team have worked in the outdoor and leisure markets for more than 25 years and combine a knowledge of these very specialist markets with the experience gained working with big mainstream brands.
In that time we have run a Top 100 Creative Agency and written and designed some of the country's top selling sporting magazines. So we know what it takes to get results.


We also have an extensive network of specialists, photographers and writers we can call on that understand your markets. They produce results where
the detail is right, and that's important when it's your brand's reputation on the line!


If our experience, knowledge and passion is a mixture you feel could help develop your brand, then we would be delighted to discuss your needs
in confidence.


Contact us and let Wildfin be the creative power behind your business.





Robert Hardy, Wildfin MD